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NEW FOR 2021

SURVIVORS! That's what this year's three bright and bold solid performers are.   The 2020 growing season was  brutal, with record hot and record cold - and always at the worst times - and as a result, although all plants eventually recovered, many had setbacks from the odd weather.

Not these three intros, though! Every one of them sailed right through all the record-breaking cold and hot temps without the slightest problem. All  started with very strong growth,  kept their fresh green leaves all season with no problem, and had a great bloom season, setting many healthy  seeds.  Tough as nails!

My focus is on very strong plants, especially for cold climates, and for strong, saturated color. This year's intros came through with flying colors, even in a tough growing year.

All plants are DOUBLE  FANS, grown here in Zone 4, with no rust.  If you're wondering why these are priced under $100, it's because I'm not that well-known yet, and hope people will be willing to take a chance on the new guy. It's not an indication of lesser quality. These are very carefully evaluated and culled so that only the best end up being registered and introduced.

A big shout-out to my GREAT mentors (and now friends) the awesome Judy Davisson, and the incomparable Curt Hanson. Thanks for answering my millions of questions over the years, and for sparing me the years of  disappointment  I would have had if I just bulled on ahead without asking advice from two of the best hybridizers out there.  I'm very grateful for your generous help!

Click on the name below the pics for more information on each.  Hope you enjoy looking at them!

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