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Welcome! We are located in Mariaville, Maine, where winters are long and cold, and summers are short  and usually not hot  (except for 2020, which was  sweltering). We strive to develop new daylilies that offer rich color, sturdy, robust plants, and reliable performance in cold weather climates,  aiming for a classic simplicity of bloom that will never go out of style. 
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CIMARRON clump scapes 8-26-18.JPG
We are especially interested in tall daylilies, as well as late bloomers. So far, our efforts have produced a few daylilies  50" to 60" tall. We also have daylilies blooming all through August to Labor Day, with several that  bloom well into September and even one (shown above) that blooms into October.
2021  introductions are up!  Three strong, boldly colored, good performers. Please click on "2021 Intros" above. 
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