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The stats given for daylilies on this site are the registered stats as measured in my Zone 4 garden on plants that have been in place at least two years.  It is a rare daylily that will live up to its registered stats the first year in a new garden; a second year usually does wonders.  

Some people believe that daylilies should be able to be thrown in the ground and should thrive with no special care. I am not a member of that club.  I try to give my daylilies as good a head start as I can without going overboard: nitrogen fertilizer in early spring.  Foliar feed of high phosphorous fertilizer combined with liquid kelp in June. 

When planting or moveing seedlings,  organic matter is added, along with  generous amounts of seafood/lobster compost and  a handful of ground (not pellets) alfalfa to give the roots a good start.  Also  greensand, if I can find it.

Everyone has their own ways of augmenting soil and feeding their plants that work just as well for them; I only mention this to make clear that the stated stats  are not the result of "toss-em-in-the-ground-and forget-em" culture.

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