IMHOTEP (Laffin 2020)  54" tall, 8" bloom, 4 branches, 30 buds, Tet, Mid, Dor                                                                                                         (Heavenly Dragon Fire x Reach For The Heavens)  $75  DF


As we await increase on a number of upcoming intros, there is only one new daylily for 2020, but boy is it a great one!  If you love orange and you love tall, this is the  daylily for you!   54+" tall with  stiffly held 8-8.5" brilliant orange flowers that have some red veining for added color and interest. The scapes are very strong and NEVER lean,  even at this height with these big flowers. The 4 branches are nicely spaced, and the bud count is amazing for a daylily with flowers this size.  It's fully dormant and Zone 4 hardy. The foliage is perfect and stays clean and green for the whole summer. It increases nicely without being invasive, doesn't resent moving, and is pod and pollen fertile.   This  is not your grandma's orange daylily!

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