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BROTHER PETER  (Laffin 2021) 41" tall, 5" bloom, 4-way branching, 22 buds,  Tet, DOR, Midseason

                                   Fertile both ways.   $50 DF

Tall, sturdy scapes hold deeply saturated upright  purple flowers with a lilac watermark and a very bright yellow-to-green throat. Scapes are very strong, nicely branched, and hold the flowers apart so they don't crowd.  Holds color well in the sun. Does not slick.  As with many purples, petals may become slightly  more reddish purple in heat (see pictures) but most stay dark grape purple. Tall scapes have measured 48" in excellent growing years.  A very strong and dramatic presence in the garden - great next to orange flowers!  Increases readily.  Strong performer, never finicky. From two exceptionally high performing  Curt Hanson parents: Building the Colossus x Edward Abbey, it's very fertile both ways, even in hot weather.

I wracked my brains for several years, trying to think of a name that would convey how  strong and reliable this plant was, no matter the weather.  Every day when I went out to the garden, this daylily was like a trusted friend, someone who is always there, and never fails. I finally realized those were the traits of my wonderful older brother, who died suddenly this past July. Peter was always there for me, his kid brother. Strong when others were weak, never complaining when things got tough, and always in an upbeat mood, ready for the day. That was my brother, so this daylily is named in honor of him and the huge part he played in my life. It all goes by too fast.

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