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MOVE OVER DARLING    (Laffin 2021)  38" tall, 7" bloom, 4-way branching, 18 buds, Dor, Midseason

                                              $35 DF

MOVE OVER DARLING is a bright, cheerful cherry red bloom with a pink watermark and a bright yellow throat. The primary reason for introducing this one is that it is so consistently bright and happy, all day long. Every blossom is good, it doesn't slick in the sun, and it maintains nice clear color all day. I cannot look at this daylily without smiling. It reminds me of a more carefree time - like the 1960s and the romantic comedies of those days. This explains the name: Move Over Darling was one of many Doris Day-Rock Hudson comedies* of that era - lighthearted and fun, just like this flower. 

* A customer has informed me that Move Over Darling starred Doris Day and James Garner, not Rock Hudson. Oops. Thanks for the correction, Paul!


A solid performer from Curt Hanson genetics. The parents are Peoples Pleasure Park x Building the Colossus, two of Curt's strongest, most robust plants. Laughs at extreme weather, and is easily fertile both ways. Excellent foliage all season, strong scapes, increases nicely.  May well exceed registered height. A cheerful, carefree pick-me-up that performs great with no special care, even in harsh conditions,  puts a smile on your face, and provides great genetics for hybridizing!

PPP x BTC red no. 1 (2) 8-6-20-crop.JPG
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