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GWAYA MAY  2019   48" tall, 7.5" bloom, 4 branches, 23 buds   Dor, Mid Season   (Heavenly Dragon Fire x                                              Reach   for   the Heavens)   $70 DF

GWAYA MAY is a vivid,  bold, red-orange bloom atop well-branched 48" scapes (sometimes as tall as 52"). It is also a bud builder, making for a long season and better than registered number of blooms.  Excellent foliage.  Impossible to capture how vividly bright it is with  a camera -   it always turns your head when you catch it out of the corner of your eye, and people are always asking what it is.  Loves sun but will also bloom well in afternoon shade, where its scintillating color stands out even more.  Fertile both ways, very winter hardy. A great addition to your garden  and program if you like bright, intense colors!

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