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SIRIUS LEE    2019  50" tall,  6" bloom,  5 branches,  24 buds,  Dor,  Midseason, Tet   (Unknown* x Chew                                                  Mailpouch   Tobacco)  Not Available

* "Unknown" pod parent is Dr Apricot. Please see separate page on this daylily.

Another unlikely cross with an interesting result. Chew Mailpouch Tobacco is a cross of Bela Lugosi x Tet H. Altissima and has great height and branching from the species parent. Crossing Dr Apricot with this got the color range out of dark red and into a lighter sphere while fortunately keeping the excellent height and well-spaced branching, starting low on the scape, of Chew Mailpouch Tobacco.  Fertile both ways, Sirius Lee provides a great jumping off point for explorations into orange and red on a sturdy tall, well-branched scape. As a garden plant, it is bright and eye-catching with its  super sturdy scapes and cheerful flower right at eye level. A great way to work with species genes without getting mostly yellow seedlings! Another benefit of being a species grandkid is that this daylily is seriously tough and can take the coldest, longest winters!

A very  good parent, it throws kids with excellent height, branching and hardiness - several intros on the way from this line.

DR A x CMT-8  8-22-18.JPG

The gold daylily  in the picture on the left is RAINBOW TOWERS, to give an idea of height.

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