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SHARP AS A MULE  (Laffin 2019) 42" tall, 5" bloom, 4 br, 36 bds, Dip, Dor, Late  $50 DF

In  honor of Leo Sharp, this is a cross of his BROOKWOOD DORADO x VOLCAN FUEGO. Brookwood Dorado gives it its rich coloring, and Volcan Fuego, being out of H. Hakuunensis and the 1950s brilliant gold BURNING DAYLIGHT gives it excellent hardiness, branching and awesome bud count.  Blooms have a suedy texture, with paprika veins (from Burning Daylight) for interesting contrast.

Exceptionally winter hardy and robust, Sharp As A Mule increases readily and provides nice rich color starting in the ML season, and extending through most of August here in Maine.  It is easily fertile both ways and a great parent for outstanding branching and bud count, as well as rich color.

VFxBD group 8-15-17-crop.JPG
VFxBD scapes 8-11-17.JPG
VFxBD closeup 8-15-17.JPG
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