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MARGUERITE de VERGENNES   2019   60" tall,  6" bloom,  3 branches,  26 buds, Dor,   MidLate Season                                                                                     Diploid   (H.Hakuunensis x Jersey Spider)  $30  DF

Marguerite is most definitely a back-of-the-border plant. These graceful 6" flowers dance atop 60" scapes and provide a bright and wonderful backdrop for mid-height daylilies. Note in the bottom left picture, the daylilies in front are 40+" tall, so Marguerite really towers above her neighbors.  Great for the back of the bed or in a corner by the porch steps - anywhere a shot of very tall color is needed.


Although in pictures the flowers always look gold, in real life they are so orange that it was a toss-up whether to register her as gold-orange, or orangey-gold. No matter, the flowers are rich and cheerful, and the recurved sepals give them a light and elegant look.

Being a child of a species, Marguerite is highly fertile, setting a pod every time, and wildly tough, laughing at the harshest of winters.  She increases well but not invasively, and makes a stately clump in no time.

MARGUERITE scapes 8-5-17-crop (2).JPG
MARGUERITE back right 8-5-17.JPG
MARGUERITE as background.JPG
MARGUERITE clump 8-1-17.JPG
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