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KISS ME YOU  MAD FOOL  (Laffin 2022) 46" tall, 6" bloom, Mid-Late season, Dormant, Tet, 4 branches, 19 buds

                                                 DF $55

If there's one thing I love, it's a tall, superbright orange daylily sitting atop an excellent plant. Rather than the  shorter,  old-fashioned oranges, I'm always shooting for something  big and new that screams across the garden, saying "Look at me!"  KISS ME YOU  MAD FOOL  is all of that  and more.  This showy orange has a saturated red eye (traceable all the way back to the classic Fooled Me) - bright as lipstick, so I  named it in memory of an old friend who always used to joke about the dialogue in old movies.   If there are any other oranges this tall with this kind of bloom, I'm not aware of them.  Bright and cheery, the blooms are  very eye-catching, up close and from a distance.  Four branches, nineteen buds, and very, very fertile both ways. Excellent plant habit - increases nicely  and is a very hardy dormant. Parentage is: ((Staghorm Sumac x Matchless Fire) x Electric Man).  You could say it's a noisy plant - it shouts  in the garden and laughs at cold winters.  An excellent all-around  new tall orange!

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