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HENNY BIRD  (Laffin 2022)  33" tall, 5.5" bloom, Mid, Tet, Dor, 5 branches, 34 buds

                            DF $50

HENNY BIRD is one of those daylilies that cheers me up every time I walk by -  pretty and eager, it's an excellent performer, and the flowers always look great.  Henny sports great branching and lots of blooms spread out over a long period of time. A cross  between two Hanson intros - one tall and one short - HENNY  came out in the middle - a nice 33 inches tall.  Excellent plant quality - every scape has 5 branches - really good for Zone 4! - and with 34 buds, she provides a nice, long display of flowers.  This daylily that never has a bad day!  Not only that, but she's very fertile, setting a pod every single time. From Northern Kingfisher x Rainbow Mesa.

HENNY is named for an unusual member of our family - when all our laying hens died but one, she would have been too lonely and cold outdoors in the Maine winter, so I brought in a large dog crate, and she ended up living in the kitchen for the next two years.  I think she might have thought she was a dog, as there are so many in the house. She got along with all of them, and was always a fun and cheerful presence to have in the house. She died, at age 5, last Christmas. We miss you, Henny Bird.

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