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GRACE BOTTAMINI (Laffin 2022)  32" tall, 6.5" bloom, Midseason, Dip, Dor, 4 branches, 21 buds

                                     DF $55


I love this daylily - unique and beautiful, GRACE BOTTAMINI is a elegant saffron/cream bi-tone with graceful form. Also lots of color interest, with the different tones of petals and sepals (with a white midrib on the petals), but also a rich, darker saffron reverse.  Blooms are beautifully displayed and bloom for a long period in the mid season. The plant performs excellently, with beautiful green foliage that stays green long past the time when the other daylilies are turning brown. Stays nice and green right up to frost, then goes dormant.  Pollen and occasionally pod fertile.  Excellent increase and easily hardy in the coldest climates. Named for an old family friend who was refined and elegant and had a real eye for beautiful things, this is from a cross of Jim Murphy's AS YOU WISH x ORANGE VELVET.

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