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KITTY KATZ  2019  42" tall, 8" bloom, 3 branches, 24 buds, Dor, Early Midseason, Tet   (((Dangling Participle x (White Eyes                                      Pink Dragon x High Water Mark)) x Doctor Handsome)))    $45  DF

KITTY KATZ is a robust, tall plant with a large bright flower, starting in the early mid season with bloom continuing for weeks.  The scapes are very strong, with good branching and bud count, and never lean. The first flowers  can be 9" across, while subsequent blooms are 8".  She is fertile both ways, reliably setting pods even in hot weather.  The color is bright and cheerful, and the flowers bloom over a long period, never crowded, giving a great start to the bloom season. With an impressive  genealogy, including numerous awards, of high performers from the lines of Melanie Mason, Jamie Gossard and Judy Davisson (mixing fuschia, rose, pink, lilac and orange hues!), this unapologetically strong flower on a strong scape can be crossed with a wide variety of colors and flower forms to explore its intriguing potential.

KITTY KATZ twins 7-26-20-crop.JPG
DPAP-1 x DR HANDSOME scapes 7-15-18-crop
KITTY KATZ (early am) 7-25-20-crop.JPG
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