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BURNING MAN 2019  40" tall, 6" bloom, 4 branches, 30 buds, Dor, Mid Season, Tet  (DON DIEGO x ORANGE SPLASH)                                                       $35  double fan

I love bright, intense oranges, and after trying many different crosses, BURNING MAN has turned out to be the brightest orange on top of the best scape for this height and flower form.  All the old saws about bright oranges apply here: it "screams" at you from across the garden; it always turns heads.  The great color holds up well even in the hottest sun - flowers look almost the same at the end of the day as they did in the morning. Better yet, each flower opens perfectly, the flowers open a few at a time for a long successive bloom season, and are set far enough apart to never crowd.  Mature scapes are very well-branched with 30 buds, and this is in cool Maine. Fertile both ways,  BURNING MAN is a sizzling addition to the daylily bed!

DDxOS-3 7-24-17-crop.JPG

(These pictures were all taken in the middle of the day and have not been photoshopped in any way except cropping.)

BURNING MAN scape blooms.JPG
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