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COOL SEA BREEZE   2019   42" tall, 6" bloom, 3 branches, 22 buds  Dor, Mid-Season,  $30 DF

COOL SEA BREEZE is a favorite in our garden. Just when the summer heat gets  hard to take, this strong grower starts to bloom, looking as cool and clean as fresh laundry drying on a breezy June day. Very strong scapes that seem to arrange themselves so that the plant blooms in a lovely, symmetrical bouquet. 

This is a strong winter-hardy plant that becomes a very robust clump within 2-3 years, offering  an outstanding  show of bitone blooms.  Pod and pollen fertile.  This is  cross between Swallow Tail Kite and a gret seedling Curt Hanson generously gave me when I begged him for it in his garden. It has turned out to be an excellent parent, throwing good kids no matter what it is crossed with. Truly excellent genes. Thank you, Curt!

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