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ADA GREENWOOD (Laffin 2022) 36" tall, 8.5" bloom, Dip, Dormant, 2 branches, 20 buds, UF crispate

                                    DF $45

Named after a dearly beloved aunt, ADA GREENWOOD is a rich golden cascade with beautiful form - absolutely gorgeous in a clump and it increases nicely. Out of Margo Reed's award-winning DANCES WITH GIRAFFES, crossed with JERSEY SPIDER to give it cold hardiness in Zone 4. Plants hit the ground running - line outs this past August immediately all made increase fans. Very strong plant habit with upright scapes. The branching is minimal, but it makes up for it with 20 buds, and the overall impression in a clump is many-flowered with exceptionally graceful form. Pollen fertile.   Makes a gorgeous centerpiece in the garden!

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